I Am Ghastly

I am Ghastly

Ghastly started his career a few years ago and this website, I Am Ghastly, was created for the people who support him and for more people who are still yet to find out about him. As fans, we all know how it is important to be updated about the people we idolize and how much it is a ne-cessity that we have one place to show our support for them. For Ghastly’s fans, this website is the absolute place which you all can visit and listen to his music. This started when a few fans like us, met accidentally on a website that a few years ago featured David Lee Crow.

Upon knowing each other and becoming closer together as well, we eventually planned to create our own website for Ghastly himself. At first, we only wanted it to be a blog, but as time passed by, we tend to improve our website more and more. Now, we were able not just write about Ghastly, but we can now update news about him and make sure a lot of his fans knew about his future activities. We also used this website for forums and streaming of his music or watching his past performances on different shows.

To give entertainment to our fellow fans, we did everything to make Ghastly’s videos and music available on our website. And people are more than happy to listen and watch them all day. We’re glad to give them all to you and make sure you can be happy as well even if you cannot watch Ghastly live. And lastly, the forum serves as a place where people can ask anything or share anything. It’s also a way to make these fans know each other and interact, maybe become friends as well just like how a website brought us together.

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